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It depends!  All of our projects are customized to meet your needs, so we can't provide a price until we thoroughly understand what those needs are.  But we can provide some guidelines to give you an idea what factors impact the cost.


Website Support

More pages usually means an increased cost, but what's on the pages matters as well - a six page site with a complex form or two might cost more than a ten page site that is mostly text.

Here are some factors that impact website cost::

  1. Is it a completely new site, or a major overhaul to an existing site, or just some tweaking?
  2. If it's a new site, do you need pages beyond the bare minimum (Home, About Us, Products/Services, Contact Us) ?
  3. Do you have a theme or template in mind, or will we need to search for one?
  4. Will you be providing images/photos, or do you need us to provide stock photos (or hire a photographer)?
  5. Do you need any customization of the images or can they be used as is?
  6. Does your site include ecommerce (selling items online) or accept donations?
  7. Does your site involve any type of registration or any other online form (other than a standard "Contact Us" form)?
  8. Do you have clear but concise text for your site, or do you need some help editing it?
  9. Do you want to blog?  Send out a newsletter?
  10. Do you want to be able to update your site yourself, or have someone else do it for you?
  11. Are you interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or what helps you get to the top of the list in a Google Search) services?

Rest assured that we will provide several options to you, helping you to tailor your project to meet your needs without breaking your budget.

Software Support

It's even more difficult to hypothesize about the cost of software support than website development!  But we can at least make you aware of what influences the price of a project:
  1. Method of training
    1. One-on-one in-person or over the phone
    2. One-time class for several people
    3. Short videos
  2. Documentation - Level of Detail
  3. Report Generation - Run by Colts Neck Computing or turned over to customer to generate?
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