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Five years ago, a colleague and I were working on a website for a nonprofit with a small budget.  To keep costs down, our goal was to make the site look good in the current Internet Explorer browser;  we did not initially worry about other browsers or about smartphones.

That was in 2010; could we take that attitude today, no matter how small the client's budget?

 No way!  It wasn't a great attitude by 2011, and maybe even in 2010!

Smartphone usage has skyrocketed, and desktop/laptop usage has declined.  Internet Explorer has been eclipsed by Chrome + Android for usage share of all browsers (

And, as of April, 2015, Google is now taking into account whether a site is "mobile-friendly" when determining search engine rankings.

So, if you are a plumber who wants to be at the top of the list when someone searches from a smartphone for "plumbers Your Town Your State" you had better make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

How do you know if it is mobile-friendly? Chances are it's not, if:

  • It's more than 3 years old
  • It's done with a content management system (e.g. Joomla!, Wordpress) and the template was not labeled "responsive"
  • Your site looks the same on a desktop computer and a smartphone, except you have to swipe a lot on the smartphone to make the font size legible...

Want to know what Google thinks of your site, without having to guess?  Check out this mobile-friendly test:

If your homepage, or any other page on your site, is not "mobile-friendly," give us a call - we can help you pass this test!

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